Vision & Mission

When we speak of collaborations we mean people working together to solve a common challenge and create collective action and solutions based on collective understanding, trust and respect. In our work, collaborations means working and partnering with farmers, private landowners, businesses, government bodies, schools, universities and other civil society organisations.

When we speak about working on, it means we do our work on the landscape and live there as well. We are implementing ecological rehabilitation projects and innovation on the landscape with various approaches. We believe in learning by doing – fail fast, learn faster is our motto here.

When we speak about living landscapes we mean a variety of healthy ecosystems and land uses that are home to ecological, agricultural, and social systems which are managed so as to function sustainably. We believe that if people are healthy then their environment will be healthy and vice versa, which is why we approach a landscape as a whole living ecosystem.

To create knowledge and bring synergies and collective action to the landscape through;

  • Fact finding for Living Landscapes MobilisingĀ  civil society
  • Implementing landscape innovation andĀ  rehabilitation
  • Enabling and facilitating social learning processes
  • Fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and participatory networks

We do this with a positive, creative, comitted and honest approach.