How We Are Guided

We work from a bottom-based perspective, and are guided from the top.



Members are influencing partners who support the organisation by maintaining the objectives and direction, i.e. Living Lands’ “true North”. Members are guided by our Constitution. They provide important strategic guidance and are entitled to vote on matters of strategic importance. Members support the Board of Directors in overseeing their yearly strategy for the organisation and will often support the organisation by means of their complementary professional experience (e.g. legal, marketing, HR). We aim for 60% of our Members to be “senior” Living Landers, that is, they have at least 2 years’ experience within the organisation. This ensures that our organisational structure remains “flat”, making provision for feedback and reflection. The Non-Executive Director forms part of the Members and is the link between the Caretakers and the Members. Executive Directors and Caretakers cannot be part of the Members. This allows the day to day management of the organisation and “true North” role of the members to remain separate. The Members are responsible for the appointment of the Board of Directors, as stated in the Constitution.

Caretakers and Board of Directors

In line with our vision, our management team sees themselves as the Caretakers of the organisation rather than management. The Board of Directors, as stated in our Constitution, consists of three individuals, two Executive Directors responsible for the day to day care, direction and strategy of the organisation and one Non-Executive Director who supports the Executive Directors in strategic decision-making. The Non-Executive Director stands as the link between the Board and the Members and sits on both platforms.

Caretakers are internally based and focused on the organisation. They play an important dual role in ensuring the well-being of the organisation internally (i.e. team members) and provide managerial oversight to ensure the organisation is delivering on the landscapes.