The Sneeuberg


The Sneeuberg is a mountain range in the North Western region of the Eastern Cape, near the town of Graaff Reinet in the Karoo biome. The tallest peak in this range is known as the Compassberg. The landowners around this peak joined forces to form the Compassberg Protected Environment (CPE) in order to conserve the area’s rich and diverse natural, historical and social heritage. The main economic activity within the CPE is cattle farming followed by tourism. Tourists come to the area to immerse themselves in the scenic landscape which includes several charismatic wildlife species such as eland, kudu, black wildebeest and springbok.

One of the landowners in the CPE established the Sneeuberg Centre for Sustainable Development (SCSD) which aims to create an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable landscape through implementing various projects in the area. We were invited by the board of the SCSD to facilitate its aims in the area. So far we have implemented and facilitated several projects under the umbrella of the SCSD with the current focus on knowledge creation and partnership building. Activities have included eland monitoring, grazing lawns and erosion. Going forward, our aim is to work with CPE landowners and other organisations conducting research in the area to provide knowledge on best practices with regards to landscape rehabilitation and management.