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Wildlife based enterprise in the Baviaanskloof Hartland

A recent spatial analysis, by Living Lands, showed the opportunity to set aside 50.000 ha of land towards nature conservation in the Baviaanskloof Hartland. There is tremendous opportunity for private landowners to move towards wildlife-based land uses, in collaboration with communal and government stakeholders. Nevertheless, there is still a need to assess the socio-economic feasibility of entering into this type of wildlife based enterprise.

If the project is successful it will create the opportunity to expand the habitat and range of a number of wildlife species, including; the vulnerable black rhinoceros, Cape Mountain Zebra, Cape Leopard, Cape Buffalo,  Kudu, Eland and smaller wildlife species. This project will developed a socio-economic assessment for wildlife based economy in the Baviaanskloof , community involvement and participation (bottom based driven project) and create more knowledge on wildlife based economy among all stakeholders. The Project is funded by WWF in the Netherlands and will be done in collaboration with Foundation for Sustainable Development in Wageningen in the Netherlands.