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Restoration Work

Project Overview

Land users and scientific research both agree on the need for the restoration of ecosystems in the western Baviaanskloof. An integrated approach was developed to combine the efforts of all implementers in the Baviaanskloof. There are currently, and have been in the past, numerous restoration projects occurring in the area. A few of the activities which are currently taking place include:

  • The planting of more than 1000ha of indigenous Spekboom on degraded farmland by the South African Government’s programme Working for Woodlands.
  • The restoration of ten alluvial fans and river sites (through funding from the government of the Netherlands) to their natural functioning.
  • The restoration of the once existing wetland system in the Baviaanskloof by the South African Working for Wetlands programme.
  • Securing the continuation of restoration works in the rivers and tributaries until 2014 by means of a Memorandum of Understanding that was signed between Living Lands and Working for Wetlands.

Project Details

2010 – 2014