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PRESENCE in the Wild Coast

Living Lands has begun working in Mthulu Village as part of the ‘PRESENCE in the Wild Coast’ program.

The Mthulu Village is located in the rural areas near Butterworth in the Eastern Cape and has the most beautifully tranquil and natural scenery. Mthulu Village is also home to an agricultural community who grow crops and farm with various livestock, fed by KwaShibaba River which runs through the villages.

The village lands are, and continue to be, invaded by Lantana at alarming rates. This alien plant is a big threat to the livelihood of the villagers as it is poisonous to stock, the thickets limit access to the river and block access to medicinal plants, and the people in the village are no longer able to perform their traditional ceremonies near the river.

Living Lands is working together with Working for Water, the Gamtoos Irrigation Board and the community of the Mthulu Village on solutions for rehabilitation and clearing of the area for a sustainable livelihood for the community.

Project Details

2014- ongoing