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PRESENCE in the Kromme

Project Overview

To refine the successful living landscape approach, Living Lands is expanding its work to the Kromme River catchment. The project focuses on mobilizing government agencies, research institutes, and landowners towards restoring the landscape and promoting sustainable land use in the region. The aim is to set up a catchment management forum. The catchment is narrow, steep, and bordered by the Suuranys Mountains and the Tsitsikamma Mountains. It’s an agricultural area and provides a large amount of water to Port Elizabeth. The area suffers from degraded wetlands and invasive alien trees. Living Lands, together with three partners from the Netherlands (Aqua Terra Nova, Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD), and For Elements) have been funded through the Dutch Partners for Water programme to address these concerns.

Project Details

2011 – 2013

Dutch Partners for Water

Research reports
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