Landscape Roles

Each Living Lander embody one or more of the five different roles on the landscape; Landscape Mobiliser, Landscape Facilitator, Knowledge Broker, Landscape Innovator and Business Developer. Each role is integral to the Living Landscape Approach as illustrated below.


The Landscape Mobiliser facilitates the bottom-based process. We seek to be grounded on the landscape with stakeholders guiding our work, so that the work stays deeply rooted in the cause. The decision for the landscape needs to be co-created and made by the people effected, on the ground. The Landscape Mobilisers facilitate social learning and social change processes with stakeholders on the landscapes by building collective awareness and understanding of the current challenges, aspirations and opportunities for action.

The Landscape Facilitator facilitates the top-guided process to create an environment for change. This aims to build collaborations and mutual understanding of the various challenges facing the socio-ecological landscape. We therefore work with stakeholders such as government institutions, businesses and downstream water users.

The Knowledge Broker creates fact-base storylines. Bridging the knowing-doing gaps and finding the facts to make change possible. Trans-disciplinary research informs our approach in order to build a strong knowledge base. Research is the voice of the landscape; it can open up people’s eyes to knowledge that was previously unknown or misunderstood. Knowledge Brokers therefore build partnerships with universities and other institutions of research in order to improve the knowledge base for socio-ecological restoration and innovation.

The Landscape Innovator implements socio-ecological rehabilitation and innovation projects on the ground. We generate ideas together, co-create plans, conceptualise these plans and if we see the need we can do the job and implement large scale ecological rehabilitation projects. We have a strong ‘learning by doing’ approach. We work with landowners and communities during the implementation phase to create additional capacity and long term sustainability for the projects. The Landscape Innovators are involved in the day to day work on site and are dedicated to project outcomes.

The Business Developer is responsible for the 4 Return Business Development. In this regard, we work closely with our partner organization Grounded. Looking at the opportunities for the for the long term and financial sustainability we incorporate the 4 Returns model of Commonland where applicable. We work with farmers to develop regenerative businesses. These businesses establish a healthier and more profitable balance between nature and agriculture. We explore and develop agricultural models that are markedly more sustainable and more profitable.