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Technical Data
·Type: centrifugal
·Application: irrigation and drainage
·Media: clean water or liquid with similar physical and chemical properties to water, temperature no more than 50℃
·Other characteristics: vertical
·Flow rate: Min.: 800 m³/h  Max.: 21600 m³/h
·Head: Min.: 2 m  Max.: 20 m

General Information
ZL series pump is single stage vertical axial flow pump, with liquid flowing in axial direction. The ZL pump has large capacity and low head which is widely used in agriculture irrigation, civil supply and drainage, water circulation in industry power station, dock water level control and other water conservancy projects.

·Large capacity, simple construction, light weight and small space;
·Easy operation due to pump totally submerged in water;
·Blade angle is adjustable with high efficiency, suitable for various working conditions;