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Technical Data
• Type: centrifugal
• Application: water supply and drainage
• Media: for corrosive liquid
• Other characteristics: horizontal
• Flow rate: Min.: 4 m³/h  Max.: 600 m³/h
• Head: Min.: 4 m  Max.: 125 m
General Information
The Milestone IH Series End-suction Chemical Pumps are for corrosive liquid with viscosity similar to water and without solid particles. It can transport media with higher temperature if necessary, and is applied to transport various corrosive media or media in which pollution is forbidden similar to water in such industries as chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, papermaking, food, pharmacy and synthetic fiber etc.
• IH pump is designed by International ISO Standard;
• Durable, low noise, long life bearing;
• The operation cost is saved, high efficiency.
• Good sealing performance;
• Simple, reliable, small, light, and with good anti-cavitation performance.