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Collaborations working on living landscapes

A living landscape consists of a variety of healthy ecosystems and land uses. It is home to ecological, agricultural, and social systems which are managed so that they can function sustainably.

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Collective Action

Invest in natural capital is the idea, with all stakeholders involved, listening to everybody’s dreams and work on the solution together.

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Network Facilitation

Forming mutually beneficial and synergistic partnerships for enabling socio-ecological restoration in South Africa.

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PRESENCE in the Baviaanskloof

The mother programme of Living Lands’ effort in creating a living landscape in the Baviaanskloof.

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“We are currently working in the Baviaanskloof, Compassberg, Kromme and Kouga landscapes”

Latest News

Enkanini Water Hustlers – changing the flow

It’s Wednesday morning in Enkanini and it looks like rain. Gazing across the Stellenbosch valley from the steep hillside where the informal settlement resides, everything is submerged in a grey swell of cloud. For many people in draught-stricken South Africa, signs of rain would be cause for celebration, but in Enkanini – and similar communities with challenging geography and minimal infrastructure – it means an even more tenuous predicament. When it rains here, the manholes often overflow, causing raw sewage to run downhill and into a nearby river. This is exactly why we’ve come – for the rain, the runoff, the waste-water and the health of the rivers below. We gather in a local church hall to celebrate the launch of a three-month pilot project which seeks to support Enkanini residents in redressing issues around the basic health and sanitation

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